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After spending the better part of a decade in the great Lone Star State of Texas and learning the art of traditional smoked food, Doug Walsh brought his love of BBQ and his passion for creating a unique taste back home to the Jersey Shore. After hosting countless summer cookouts (and after numerous requests from friends and family to cook for their special events), the Jersey Shore BBQ and Catering Company was created—the genesis of Jersey Shore BBQ Restaurants.

Smoked meats are a new concept to the Jersey Shore and we pride ourselves on the distinctive process for which all great BBQ is cooked: time and patience. We start by lovingly hand seasoning all of our meats with a custom blend of spices, known as ‘dry rub’.  Then, we light the pit with local hardwoods and place the seasoned meats in the smoker so that they can baste in the smoky wood fire for hours.  This creates the distinctive smoke ring on the meat served in our dining room and the unique taste symbolic of Jersey Shore BBQ.  

Most restaurants have the ability to fire meals and push them out the kitchen door in 10 minutes or less—whereas our process can take between 12 to 15 hours—for our succulent meat to reach your plate.  So please don’t be upset if an item on our menu runs out.  We don’t have the ability to flash create our ‘que’, nor will we. In return, we promise you a consistent savory, slow-cooked, artisanal experience every time you dine at Jersey Shore BBQ East Brunswick or Point Pleasant Beach.

Thanks for coming in and cheers!


Our Team